Denk Mediation Solutions

Welcome to Denk Mediation Solutions. We provide a broad range of conflict resolution services that are valuable in all types of disputes and transitions. Mediation brings people together to solve problems, heal divisions and save money.

Hilary Denk, President of Denk Mediation Solutions, focuses upon common interests and shared goals, leading to resolutions that satisfy all parties, and setting the stage for better working and living relationships.  These cost effective services are applicable to family and small business disputes, probate matters, employment issues, real estate claims, business to business disputes and organizational transitions.

Clients who participate in mediation benefit by:

  • saving money – reducing attorney fees, expenses and time away from business
  • preserving relationships
  • alleviating stress
  • focusing on productive work
  • strengthening their organizations
  • maintaining confidentiality

Why choose Denk Mediation Solutions?

In her 22 year career, Hilary has distinguished herself as an effective communicator, attorney, and problem solver.  She has resolved over 250 claims and has participated as a party in at least 200 mediations. Hilary focuses on the specific needs of the parties, and, without ego or pre-determined outcome, facilitates better communication, leading to solutions that are mutual and agreements that are workable over time.  The process is clearly defined for those with or without attorneys and high quality services are provided at a reasonable cost.

Why a focus on small business and family disputes?

Litigation does not solve problems; it ends disputes with a financial verdict after years of expense and acrimony, often destroying relationships in the process.  As a litigator and claims professional, Hilary understands the process and many shortfalls of litigation. Hilary is also the daughter of successful business owners, having worked in various capacities for her parents’ throughout her life.  She knows small business owners can’t afford litigation when disputes arise and finding cost effective mediators who understand these challenges are hard to find.  Hilary will also use her compassion and understanding to assist those who wish to move forward and heal divisions, even those that may be longstanding.