Services and Next Steps:

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process of assisted negotiation in which a neutral person helps people reach agreement. Mediation is consensual, informal and confidential. This means that all parties to a dispute agree to participate, there is no formal discovery process or requirement that certain steps be taken before a mediation occurs (as there is with a court case) and the process is completely confidential, often very important to all of the parties involved.

The mediation process can be designed by the participants as well, with the mediation taking place during a prescribed period of time (hours or a day) or extending over months. Hilary Denk will provide a free 30 minute consultation in person or over the telephone to discuss your dispute and the mediation process you desire.

Hilary provides the following mediation services:

  • Mediation for all matters, especially those situations where preservation or restoration of family and business relationships are at stake;
  • Facilitation of a peaceful transition within a business, family or organization due to a major life event, such as retirement, expansion, sale, death or illness
  • Client centered services provided at all stages of the process where skillfully asked questions and communication lead to shared goals and solutions
  • Education and training for business owners, attorneys and organization leaders in effective communication, risk management and planning

Next Steps

Whether you are an attorney or an individual in a dispute, Hilary is happy to answer any questions, discuss her rates and describe her typical mediation process in a free 30 minute consultation.

Hilary’s daily and half day flat rate includes time spent prior to mediation, meeting with parties and reviewing relevant materials, so all participants are prepared to make the most of the time together during mediation. Contact Hilary through this web page, call her at 630-725-8066 or email her at to schedule a time to talk.